General questions

Why Hard woods?

Having tested a vast array of woods from around the world we found that Birch trees and other hard wood, sourced from the American forests gave not only great resistance to heat but also low ash & larger lumps, giving a much more reliable end product.

Does your charcoal give off any smells or harmful fumes?

Similar to the briquettes, our lumpwood is produced to give you the cleanest burn possible. Minimal smoke, high heat retention with no nasty smells or eye watering fumes – made possible by not using any unnecessary additives in the process beyond the wood itself.

Are you conscious of the environment?

Yes! We make the most sustainable charcoal we can, infact so much attention to detail goes into Charcoal INC that we even produce our own kraft paper bags using 100% natural glues and produced using sustainable forests, making them 100% biodegradable!

Do your briquettes have any binders of accelerants?

Our briquettes are bound using naturally occurring materials that do not add any unwanted elements to your food. Strictly no unnatural additives, binders or unwanted accelerants.

Why should I buy charcoal from Charcoal Inc rather than other brands?

Not only does Charcoal INC care about the charcoal we produce we also care about the people who use it. From restaurants & professional users to families & die hard BBQ enthusiasts we have made a product to suit your needs, not just to throw out an inconsistent, poorer quality charcoal and happily take your money. We ensure that every briquette & every piece of lumpwood is worth every penny you spend. Ontop of that we still manage to offer an economic product that retains it’s heat and lasts longer than the competition – we know you want the best, so we offer it at a reasonable price.

Delivery and returns

If you order a pallet and additional products, please be aware that we may combine these items into as few deliveries as possible. You may receive your additional products along with the pallet, or they may be sent separately.

If you have any queries about our delivery charges, please email

If I place an order, how soon will it get delivered?

We dispatch all small orders the next day after we receive them. In most cases, it takes up to 2 working days to deliver each order. In case you are situated in distant parts of the country, it may take up to 3-7 working days. For large orders, delivery make take 7 to 14 days.


In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product that arrived, we will replace it. To do that, you need to send us an email at with photos of the bag you deem unsatisfactory. If you do not want a replacement bag, we will refund fully.

Where do you ship?

We ship within USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia

Pallet deliveries

All pallet deliveries are free of charge. We deliver those within 2-5 working days.